Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 24, 2011

Organic living for your baby

Way back when, we use to rely on less chemicals such as polyurethane, genetically modified organisms, crude oil, and yellow No. 5 or Red No.23. Going back to greener ways of living is like going back to a time when things were more naturally occurring to our environment. Animals dug a hole here and there, insects carried seeds around, and fish swam where ever they felt it was suitable to eat. Now we spray Round up right on our food, made with di-ethylene-something and a whole horde of different concoctions to prevent bugs from eating our food supply. We use plastic on everything and it litters everywhere, along with printed paper dyed in bleach. In this day and age, babies are coming into proximity many cancer causing agents, toxic grease sludge, and a tomato that had it’s DNA altered which was constructed to withstand colder temperatures. Will we be seeing healthier babies, introducing to them naturally occurring products? I wonder if they will be smarter than previous generation before them? One things for sure, they will grow up happier without the stench of carbon penta-hydroxy thing-a-ma-jiggy entering their nostrils and flowing through their bloodstream.



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