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Earth Day is just around the corner.

What does Earth Day mean for most people? It should actually be very important in raising awareness for how we should better take care of our planet. After all, we do live here and there is no way for us to blast off to another planet and set up there now can we? Let me repeat, there is NO evidence of a possibility of setting up human life on another planet, and resuming the lives we have here on Earth. In the time frame, that we could, we’d probably be extinct (from ourselves) at that point.

Let’s say we had to move to the moon.

Fresh air? Forget it.

Blue skies? Nada.

Fresh water? Zilch.

What can we eat? Nothing. Rocks. Rocks don’t count though.

These are the important issues we need to tackle, and very probable that our lifestyles will need to adjust to.

You’ve heard it before: Recycle, reuse, reduce.

Go a bit further though: Plant a tree, grow your own garden, use cloth bags to carry your groceries so there is less plastic bags lying in the living spaces of others, buy in bulk so there is less packaging. Bicycle to work if you can, and use public transportation whenever you have the chance.

Did you know, there is new technology available now that uses mushrooms to build bumpers for cars?

Environmental impact of a rotting mushroom? None.

Environmental impact of plastic bags. Hundred of years. Yes. Hundreds.

-Think about that the next time you throw a plastic bag away. Now multiply that by a million people doing the same thing. Now multiply that by a couple hundred. Getting the picture?

In any case, try your best. We all have to be in this together. We might as well try to work together.


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Futon Math

Just a little thought I had today:

If you buy a futon @ TheFutonShop for around $1200, you will get a frame that lasts for years on end with proper care and use. It comes with a nice lengthy warranty period too. The futon mattress you can purchase with the frame for that price range can be any futon mattress that will last anywhere between 6-15 years with everyday use. The slipcover can last as long as the frame even. Both mattress and slipcover comes with a nice lengthy warranty period as well. They are all made in our warehouse in San Francisco, so any problems with stitching, zippers, and tacking can be promptly fixed.

So here’s the math:

$1200/365 days = ~$3.28 a day.

You save $3.28 a day for a year, then buy a futon that will last you 10-15 years.

The actual value of using this futon set up would be $18000 for 15 years.

Of course, all things depreciate their value over the years of use. Compare the depreciation of that to a car, and the value of getting a good night’s sleep, a comfortable couch, with years of use far outweighs the cost, don’t it?

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How to grow a organic baby

Here’s a easy list of instructions to grow a baby organically:
1) Add pure crystal clear water.
2) Feed only foods untreated with pesticide, grown naturally and not genetically modified.
3) Keep them dressed in organic cotton only.
4) When they are tired, have them sleep on a organic mattress.
5) Have them breath only clean fresh air, free from carbon emissions and other dust particulates produced as a by-product of making man-made products.
6) Bathe your baby in chromium-free water, free from oil spills as well.

That’s it!


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Organic baby items

I have seen a few friends starting to live organically, and some times it starts right at home! Here are some ways you can start living organically. You can try the 2nd best thing next to organic if you can not keep it purely organic, and that is going green!

1) Making your own baby food

Instead of going to the supermarket to get the cheapest baby food you can find, why not make your own baby food? You can buy fresh carrots, peas, squash, or seasonal produce from your local farmer’s market. All you need after that is a blender. Fresh food tastes the best and holds the most nutritional value.

2) Purchase crib bedding with organic cotton to ensure your baby does not come into contact with foam fumes or pesticide treated cotton.  Get it from a local shop or company that grows it locally and is USDA certified.

Like this one:











3) Grow your own food. Many people do it, and growing your own food can save lots of money since seeds are very cheap to purchase. Think about it, once you grow the plant, it produces it’s own seeds most of the time. It’s only a one time purchase!


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Raising a baby on organics

Should you raise a baby with organic products or not? That is the question. Well, let’s go over the reasons why you should not raise a baby on non-organic products.

1) Additives are added in food that help preserve the food for longer shelf life
2) Chemically altered ingredients such as high fructose syrup are used to produce larger quantity of food for the seller to profit from, using less sugar(costs) to overall production.
3) Certain products use un-organic materials that are “tested” in the market for pros and cons. Something that seems safe at first, may entirely be dangerous, if not naturally occurring. In the past, DDT was a pesticide used in crops and companies thought it was safe enough to spray on people directly!
4) Babies grow at a exponential rate, all the way until they are about 12-16 years old, so it is vital you do not alter anything going into their body at a cellular level.


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Organic living for your baby

Way back when, we use to rely on less chemicals such as polyurethane, genetically modified organisms, crude oil, and yellow No. 5 or Red No.23. Going back to greener ways of living is like going back to a time when things were more naturally occurring to our environment. Animals dug a hole here and there, insects carried seeds around, and fish swam where ever they felt it was suitable to eat. Now we spray Round up right on our food, made with di-ethylene-something and a whole horde of different concoctions to prevent bugs from eating our food supply. We use plastic on everything and it litters everywhere, along with printed paper dyed in bleach. In this day and age, babies are coming into proximity many cancer causing agents, toxic grease sludge, and a tomato that had it’s DNA altered which was constructed to withstand colder temperatures. Will we be seeing healthier babies, introducing to them naturally occurring products? I wonder if they will be smarter than previous generation before them? One things for sure, they will grow up happier without the stench of carbon penta-hydroxy thing-a-ma-jiggy entering their nostrils and flowing through their bloodstream.


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March of Dimes

This month you have the chance of participating in the March of Dimes: An event to raise money to support programs that help mothers have healthy, full term pregnancies. They also fund research to problems that threaten babies. Babies should stay in the mother’s womb for the full term of 9 months to ensure they develop fully, reducing any defects should they come out early into the world. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of things that needs to be figured out still, even in this age of advancement in medicine. So if you have the time, go participate in a cause, that might possibly affect your future family members!

Here are some places you can find them this month in the Bay Area:

Silicon Valley
9 miles away
April 30, 2011 

Vasona County Park
333 Blossom Hill Rd

Los Gatos, CA 95032

Walk Distance: 6.25miles
Registration Time: 8:00 AM
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Chapter: California
Phone: (408) 260-7629 

27 miles away
May 15, 2011 

Christmas Hill Park
7050 Miller Avenue

Gilroy, CA 95020

Walk Distance: 5miles
Registration Time: 8:00 AM
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Chapter: California
Phone: (408) 260-7629 

East Bay
28 miles away
April 30, 2011 

AT&T & Iron Horse Trail
2600 Camino Ramon

San Ramon, CA 94583

Walk Distance: 3miles
Registration Time: 8:00 AM
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Chapter: California
Phone: (415) 788-2202 

San Francisco
44 miles away
April 30, 2011 

Fort Mason
Franklin and Bay St.
The Great Meadow at Fort Mason

San Francisco, CA 94123

Walk Distance: 6.25miles
Registration Time: 8:00 AM
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Chapter: California
Phone: (415) 788-2202












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Japan’s Disaster of the Century

Many news and commentators are referring to Japan’s recent Earthquake at 9.0 on the Richter Scale, one of the most globally impacting disasters to date. It may not have killed as many people as in the Indonesian Tsunami or Haiti incident from before, but several things are important to notice from this.

1) It was a triple incident occurring with Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Reactor explosions.

2) Nuclear reactor disasters are relatively new in terms of precautions and solutions should a meltdown occur. Radiation can last in the environment for years (think 400). Radiation is not something you can rid of by “washing” it away.

3) Japan is one of the major producers/ exporters of electronics for the world.

4) Japan is one of the top major contributors of aid to foreign countries.

5) This is a wake up call to how even the most prepared, advanced emergency response systems can seem so dismal in the face of natural disasters.

Even in a world as ours with so many advances in technology, mother nature still has so much power over us. As a surfer once said with large tidal waves, “When you see something so grand with such power coming at you, you do not think about how to work against it, but work with it.”


Nevertheless, being prepared is always a good use of time.

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“Super Moon”

Tonight is the night when the moon nears the closest to the earth, pass 19 years before. If you have clear skies in California tonight you can expect a spectacular show. Just like spring, The Moon goes through different phases as well. Half Moon, Full Moon, and now Super Moon! Lots of different “odd” things happen during the Moon phases, people might say. Lots of natural things happen during the moon phases as well, such as ocean tides, or animal behavior. Whatever may happen, let’s all remember that even in the dark, there will be light, like the moo.. er…Super Moon!

You can do something “crazy” during the Super Moon and make a purchase at The Futon to aid those in Japan.  1% of your purchase will go towards the earthquake that hit the Richter scale at 9.0.


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April Showers

Just a reminder that April is coming near and this means we will get a little wet for a bit. However, there has been reports of California going through a drought, so this is probably good for all of us. It’s also good for plants, and saves you water since you don’t have to water them as much.

Also, if you have a futon outside your home, remember we have Outdura slipcovers that are water resistant. Solid or pattern, choose the one to match your home!


Water is the gift of life

Rain is free delivery service

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