Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | April 14, 2011

!This just in!

Earth Day is just around the corner.

What does Earth Day mean for most people? It should actually be very important in raising awareness for how we should better take care of our planet. After all, we do live here and there is no way for us to blast off to another planet and set up there now can we? Let me repeat, there is NO evidence of a possibility of setting up human life on another planet, and resuming the lives we have here on Earth. In the time frame, that we could, we’d probably be extinct (from ourselves) at that point.

Let’s say we had to move to the moon.

Fresh air? Forget it.

Blue skies? Nada.

Fresh water? Zilch.

What can we eat? Nothing. Rocks. Rocks don’t count though.

These are the important issues we need to tackle, and very probable that our lifestyles will need to adjust to.

You’ve heard it before: Recycle, reuse, reduce.

Go a bit further though: Plant a tree, grow your own garden, use cloth bags to carry your groceries so there is less plastic bags lying in the living spaces of others, buy in bulk so there is less packaging. Bicycle to work if you can, and use public transportation whenever you have the chance.

Did you know, there is new technology available now that uses mushrooms to build bumpers for cars?

Environmental impact of a rotting mushroom? None.

Environmental impact of plastic bags. Hundred of years. Yes. Hundreds.

-Think about that the next time you throw a plastic bag away. Now multiply that by a million people doing the same thing. Now multiply that by a couple hundred. Getting the picture?

In any case, try your best. We all have to be in this together. We might as well try to work together.



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