Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 27, 2011

Organic baby items

I have seen a few friends starting to live organically, and some times it starts right at home! Here are some ways you can start living organically. You can try the 2nd best thing next to organic if you can not keep it purely organic, and that is going green!

1) Making your own baby food

Instead of going to the supermarket to get the cheapest baby food you can find, why not make your own baby food? You can buy fresh carrots, peas, squash, or seasonal produce from your local farmer’s market. All you need after that is a blender. Fresh food tastes the best and holds the most nutritional value.

2) Purchase crib bedding with organic cotton to ensure your baby does not come into contact with foam fumes or pesticide treated cotton.  Get it from a local shop or company that grows it locally and is USDA certified.

Like this one:











3) Grow your own food. Many people do it, and growing your own food can save lots of money since seeds are very cheap to purchase. Think about it, once you grow the plant, it produces it’s own seeds most of the time. It’s only a one time purchase!



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