Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 20, 2011

“Super Moon”

Tonight is the night when the moon nears the closest to the earth, pass 19 years before. If you have clear skies in California tonight you can expect a spectacular show. Just like spring, The Moon goes through different phases as well. Half Moon, Full Moon, and now Super Moon! Lots of different “odd” things happen during the Moon phases, people might say. Lots of natural things happen during the moon phases as well, such as ocean tides, or animal behavior. Whatever may happen, let’s all remember that even in the dark, there will be light, like the moo.. er…Super Moon!

You can do something “crazy” during the Super Moon and make a purchase at The Futon to aid those in Japan.  1% of your purchase will go towards the earthquake that hit the Richter scale at 9.0.



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