Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 20, 2011

Japan’s Disaster of the Century

Many news and commentators are referring to Japan’s recent Earthquake at 9.0 on the Richter Scale, one of the most globally impacting disasters to date. It may not have killed as many people as in the Indonesian Tsunami or Haiti incident from before, but several things are important to notice from this.

1) It was a triple incident occurring with Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Reactor explosions.

2) Nuclear reactor disasters are relatively new in terms of precautions and solutions should a meltdown occur. Radiation can last in the environment for years (think 400). Radiation is not something you can rid of by “washing” it away.

3) Japan is one of the major producers/ exporters of electronics for the world.

4) Japan is one of the top major contributors of aid to foreign countries.

5) This is a wake up call to how even the most prepared, advanced emergency response systems can seem so dismal in the face of natural disasters.

Even in a world as ours with so many advances in technology, mother nature still has so much power over us. As a surfer once said with large tidal waves, “When you see something so grand with such power coming at you, you do not think about how to work against it, but work with it.”


Nevertheless, being prepared is always a good use of time.


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