Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 17, 2011

Earthquake, Tsunami, Japan

March 11th marked one of the most dangerous natural disasters to inflict a growing industrial nation. If you have never experienced Japanese culture, they are very polite, courteous, hard working, and respectful people. They also have a moral compass, to help each other when in need. Ask someone you know who has spent time in Japan. Most people come back with a culture shock of what is a polar opposite of what we experience here in America.

There lifestyle is based on the practical, complex but simplistic approach. Did you know, one of the ways they teach people their language, is to attach a animal or scene to a character. For example, the character “he,” pronouced “heh,” would resemble a hill, or “heh-ill.” It’s easy to learn that way.

Another simplistic and practical approach coming from the Japanese, is the futon. The traditional bedding they use to sleep in does not require a box spring, convulated foam, nor fluffy polyester lined toppers with a fancy brand name. They use the futon on tatami mats, which are usually filled with rice straw. The tatami was used to cover the floor, and the futon could be stored away when not in use so they room can be used for other purposes during the day.

Character for the Hiragana “He”: Tatami covering a Japanese home:

Another product of Japanese culture that is growing in more popularity these days is sushi:

A lot of the sushi you see in American and European restaurants are not the type you would find in Japan. Most of them are catered to public’s perception of what sushi should taste like. Here’s something you won’t see in most Americanized sushi joints:

It’s called Kani-Miso and consists of: Crab brains and internal organs… mashed into a salty paste.

One big practice I’ve noticed from the Japanese culture is they take care in doing things carefully, and putting thought into what ever they do, eat, or say. It would be wise to take in some of their ways. I think it’s probably one of the best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to finding they best way to get a good night’s rest!

If you haven’t already and you have enjoyed some of the Japanese culture that has already seeped into your lives, donate some money or help towards the disaster effort. Magnitude 9.0 earthquakes are no joke if you have lived in California or earthquake prone areas most of your life.

You can find some information for that here:

A portion of your purchase will go towards Japanese relief efforts.



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