Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 13, 2011

Easiest way to sleep

I wonder what some people do to help themselves go to sleep. I have definitely heard of some long talked-about techniques that sound a little strange. Take for example counting sheep. You imagine sheep jumping over a fence until you get tired and drowsy. This obviously only works for some people, if ever. You can read a bed time story, and I guessing the story should be boring as well. So some techniques require boring yourself to sleep.

There are some ways I think that help, but do not require boring yourself to bed. Shouldn’t you go to bed happy?

1) Try sleeping with the least amount of light in the room, making it as dark as you can. A night light should you get scared.

2) Starting an hour before you intend to sleep. If you want to sleep at 10pm, start at 9pm.

3) Get some exercise during the day to relieve the stress you can build up and hold till, you guessed it, bed time.

4) Do not eat, but do not go feeling empty in the stomach right before bed. Try having a glass of warm milk.

5) Try not to think too much. Rest assured that this time is, and will be, your time to rest. Any problems you carry to the bed, will get in the way of the bed, so to speak. Tell yourself sleep comes first, and you can solve any problems later.

6) Make sure you are sleeping on something supportive and comfortable. You should enjoy your bedding arrangement. If you think not, would you sleep in a cardboard box?



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