Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 10, 2011

Sleep study groups

Just uncovered a poll done recently by the National Sleep Foundation and found an interesting discovery. One of the most important parts of getting a good sleep was voted by most people in their opinion to be, you guess it: Mattresses and pillows. Easy to understand, but now we can say there are people out there who would agree, and they voted the majority of their opinions into bedding!

Taken from:
“Almost Half of Americans Are “Great Sleepers”. While most Americans believe their bedrooms are important to good sleep, only about four in ten Americans (42%) are “great sleepers” who say they get a good night’s sleep every night or almost every night.

Americans Love Their Bedrooms. The vast majority of Americans, more than nine out of ten, say that mattresses and pillows are important to getting a good night’s sleep, and more than three-quarters of Americans also believe that the comfortable feel of sheets and bedding are important.”

I think it’s time to start finding a comfortable and supportive futon mattress now if you haven’t already. Conventional mattress not working? Won’t hurt to find something that might, won’t it?


Find some bed sets here that include free shipping!


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