Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 9, 2011

Women’s History Month

Present day has been a great way ahead of women’s role in society. Reading back, women were always taking on the roles of being the caretaker of children (which is great position to take whether you are woman or man). It was not long ago that they barely got to vote! This was in from our parent’s time, only one generation before! Since then, you will notice many female friends, family, and acquaintances taking on different positions in society and being greater contributers than solely the home maker.

Percentages of women earning doctorates in specific fields: (statistics from NSF)

Physical sciences – 1958: 3.5%, 2006: 29.0%
Mathematics – 1958: 5.9%, 2006: 29.6%
Life Sciences – 1958: 10%, 2006: 51.8%
Engineering – 1958: 0.5%, 2006: 20.2%
Computer Sciences: 1978: 9.1%, 2006: 21.3%

Personally, I know of friends who are specifically excellent in fields that were generally male dominated previously. They are very skilled in math and sciences, with a good amount of them going into professional careers of being eye doctors, pharmacists, teachers, biochemists in the food industry, and solar energy entrepreneurs. These are a few of the very important paths to improve living conditions of society, and they also become “bread winners” in their immediate families.

Another women who I think deserves great recognition for her bravery and compassion in discovering animal behavior: Jane Goodall.

If you don’t know about her now, you should definitely find some literature on her adventures. No longer is taking risky expeditions for Tarzan, Jane Goodall, good too.

Women’s sports are also slowly becoming more present in society, maybe not as watched as Men’s sport, but it is still something that wasn’t there before. There were people in society before that believed women couldn’t or shouldn’t play sports. This belief would have hindered women from believing if they could play or not themselves!

At the local level, you can see more women making headlines within sports, it is a pretty normal occurrence in this day in time. Michael Phelps watch out, here comes Jasmine Tosky and Maddy Schaefer! They recently won team title at the Southern Zone-Speedo Champions Series at Texas A&M University in College Station for the Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics team.

Now check out a futon business owned by a woman:


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