Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | March 3, 2011

The Red Cross

Did you know The Futon Shop donated $1,500 to the Red Cross for Haiti earthquake disaster in 2010? Another $11,000 was also donated for the family of the fire fighters from the September 11th terrorist attacks. Everyday we can make a difference to the quality of our lives by doing something for others. Living organic may not seem like a big deal, but for action is a outcome, good or bad. Why not make a difference in the communities you live in by purchasing locally grown organic and sustainable products? They help ensure that we have renewable resources to use again later, and it gives back to the local people who grow it for us.

The energy you put into the world, will ultimately be put back or returned…thus is the concept of karma. Regardless, you reap what you sow, and that is the same when putting energy and effort into your surroundings. Consider it an investment into your community.

See contributions made from The Futon Shop here:


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