Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | February 25, 2011

What is organic living?

Presently, almost everyone has heard of, or have talked about, “organic.” So what does it mean to be organic? To me it means living more naturally, whether it’s food or the choice of clothes we wear. It means using resources from the planet we live on sustain-ably so we do not deplete the finite amount we have. I remember a time when there were Wool-y mammoths and Saber tooth tigers…(mumble mumble)…anyways, and there were Indians too. Oh yea, the Indians made sure they used only what they needed by only killing the required Bison(s) that would feed them and their immediate kin.
If you were to compare historically, which party did more damage to the earth, Indians or the industrial revolution, you would without a doubt come to one conclusion: Industry. While Industry has also created numerous advances for civilization, we have gotten so far into it that we have ravaged the land that we survive on. Let’s face another fact as well; simple Indian life would not have been able to provide the needed food and technology we rely on so heavily today. Undeniably though, we have to incorporate the practice of living off the land more naturally than we do today. Do you know the fabricated chemicals being used to help “solve” our current problems today? Cotton is the most heavily pesticide laden textile material we use today. How would you like to spray some WD-40 to loosen up the screws on a cupboard, finish the twisting with your bare fingers, and then dip it into some sour cream to taste? You wouldn’t, so why use pesticide treated cotton? We are far from perfect, and nothing has an easy answer, but it is important to know the value of living organic nowadays as chemicals become a cheap alternative to increasing demand, altering the organic environment you live in.

Here’s 2 ways you can see organic and non-organic:

Which produce item would you like to eat from? Experience tells you that the choices you make will affect how you feel in the future. Some things don’t affect you right away and may take time for the results to show.


Other organic products:


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