Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | February 13, 2011

Camping trips, sleepovers, and portability.

When was the last time you went somewhere, needed to crash and slept on something uncomfortably awkward to sleep in? Air beds seem to push you around as the air tries to stay inside and will never stay uniform: it’s air! How are you suppose to get firm support while you sleep resting on air? Camping is fun and summer is just around the corner, most sleeping mats that they carry in sporting good stores are only 1″ thick. Now imagine sleeping on that next to rocks. Our shikibutons are made with soy based foam and tri-fold to easily store away when you don’t need it. They come at least 3.5″ thick and come in 5″ thickness if you desire something a little more cushy. You can choose the color you want, fabric, and opt for soy memory foam even!

Flip up one side, lean against a wall to make a low seater while eating a sandwich!



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