Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | February 12, 2011

Wall hugger Love seats

What I like about wall hugger wall seats is that you have a smaller couch that doesn’t take up wall space. It’s even great as a personal sleeper when you get a full size. How about revamping up your bachelor pad? Your buddies could come over and have a comfortable futon to sit on while you play your favorite games like Socom. Did they need a place to crash? This solid hard wood frame is way better than your air bed or the hard floor. Trust me, I have slept on both and wondered how good of a night cap I would get.

This one in particular is called our Dillon and has no arm rest, saving more space on the sides. You can save up to 8-9 inches on the side if you are in a really small space. With those of you living in a really small room, you know that 8-9 inch makes a big difference. You can collapse the ottoman and tuck it under the frame, or use it as a extra bench, which I think is really awesome.

Find it here:



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