Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | February 12, 2011

Pee pee poo poo

Da-da, ma-ma. How cute, your baby says his first words and you wonder what else your baby is going to say next or what you can get your baby to say. “Say am-bu-lan-ce.” Wow, that was too long. One of the most important words you will hear from your baby and one that will probably cause a bit of stress are: “Pee pee poo poo.” Say it and it will probably sound like this in your head: “Peeeee peeeee poooo poooo.” Oh snaps, emergency maneuvers! “Pee pee poo poo” is about to intitate! May day may day! Ah… never has a baby’s first couple words strike so much fear in a parents’ heart. Imagine the mess, the embarrassment (should there be casual onlookers), the tears when you tell your baby, “oh no!” and let’s hope that baby is wearing a diaper! Anyways, there will be times when you are sleeping and your baby will be sleeping, there will be times a “Pee pee poo poo” slips out. If you haven’t acquired one of our organic crib futon mattresses yet or already have you like, we can provide waterproof organic crib mattress pad protectors! Defense against the you-know-what. Glad to be of service to ya ;p.

It’s also super soft. Spill something on it, I dare ya.



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