Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | January 29, 2011

If I had to choose one

I am sure everyone who works at The Futon Shop has their own opinion on what mattress they would personally own. How about if you had to choose one today? Down the road, I would save money so I could own the Natural Plus: one of the hottest futons to be born today. Personally, I like firm futon mattresses because I have slept on soft mattresses before and all they do is hurt my back.

One important factor in determining the right futon mattress for your self is your body shape and weight. I’m skinny and light weighted, but I tend to accumulate fat in my gut. That’s one of the reasons why I sleep and develop a bend in the middle. The bedding you choose can be comfortable at first, but you have to apply gravity over time.

The Natural Plus organic futon provides latex and cotton for support, with pocketed coils to give you that nice soft bounce. It creates a very comfortable compromise between traditional firm futon mattresses and soft conventional mattresses.

For the sake of imagining people deciding to choose something today, I would choose the one most fitted to my needs, rather than my wants. Everyone wants steak, maybe sometimes you can go with chicken.

The Organic Latex futon mattress provides firm support with materials such as latex that won’t compress so easily as cotton. The cotton provides moisture to circulate, creating a cool bedding to sleep on. Blankets and comforters can retain heat. Since this mattress won’t sink much do to the firm materials inside, it can support the part seems to sink the most: my belly.

Other people that might benefit from this:

1) Large heavy set people

2) Tall and heavy

3) People with aching backs

4) Your dog (maybe)

You can find it here:

Interesting fact: I will notice a good percentage of men will favor firmer futon mattresses while women will favor softer ones. Anyone know why?

Usually The Natural Plus becomes the compromising choice in these situations.



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