Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | January 28, 2011

The Futon Shop San Francisco, Ca

The Futon Shop is your local organic futon destination. We make all our futon mattresses here in the heart of the bay, San Francisco. Everyone knows large companies ship jobs overseas for cheaper labor, but not here! No way, Jose. Keep jobs here, keep them in America, so shop locally at your local The Futon Shop for all your organic futon needs. Here’s a product we offer that is 100% USDA certified organic cotton product: organic cotton pillows.

The outside is organic cotton, the inside is organic cotton. What’s in between? Organic air! Just kidding. I’m pretty sure that’s all you need in a pillow the last time I checked. Make sure to hang dry them though, they can shrink as do all cotton products when washed and heated too high. That’s because cotton holds moisture, and the more heat you generate, the more it loses that and shrinks. Normal body temperature is no problem-o. These pillows are hand-stitched in our factory in San Francisco and the cotton is grown in the good ol’ United States.



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