Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | January 28, 2011

Soy Hybrid Foam

For anyone new to this technology, The Futon Shop offers an alternative to polyurethane foam in bedding products. We use Soy Hybrid Foam, which is produced using soy bean oil. The same kind of soy beans you can eat. The Soy Hybrid Foam you can not(eat). Polyurethane is made from a byproduct of petroleum (think crude oil) causing many health illnesses in people. As we all know, reliance on oil is not sustainable and eventually will run out once we deplete all our supplies. Gasoline prices have already grown exponentially over the years. There are many products made by petroleum as well, including plastic bottles. How will we keep using this stuff when it runs out? We can’t. I suggest growing more Soy Beans. The soy beans we use are also grown in the United States. We can still create different types of foams, with the benefits being less off-gassing, and less chemicals present in the foam.

Add in organic cotton and you have one of our futons, The Natural Rest. For the conscious-minded, earth-friendly, natural product consumer. By choosing to go with the Soy Foam, not only does the price not change, the feel is the same. So you don’t pay extra for this eco-friendly foam and get all the benefits.

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