Posted by: thefutonshoppaloalto | January 23, 2011

Outdoor futon time!

Most of the time, we get fair weather in California. When people from other countries come here to visit the Bay Area, they are often amazed at the reaction people have regarding the “cold” weather. Canadians will tell you: “This is NOT cold (aye).” Personally, I like the weather here in California. Most temperatures around large bodies of water will stay pretty consistent. You won’t experience any large change in temperature. If you have traveled south towards Los Angeles in the summer, you will notice the weather is a bit on the warmer side than up here. Nevertheless, we still get hot weather up north as well. You know what hot weather in the summer means: lazy, relaxing, summer nights. Why not enjoy one with a outdoor futon with friends or family? Outdoor fabric are made with acrylic and resist fading so you can enjoy them year round. They are also water resistant to a certain extent. The Futon Shop carries solid colors and bright patterns. Put it over your organic futon and call it a night!

Also stain and mildew resistant–>


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